New versions of editor and base package

  • A drag and drop palette for components has been added
  • The editor has had a few UX improvements and a couple of pitfalls have been closed.
  • Script has the “Start” component added from the start.
  • Notify AppState component added. Generic component for communicating with AppStates (tutorial coming).
  • Refactoring means any “Notify” components previously added will not work.


MaqacBase 0.6 and MaqacEditor 0.6

New versions of MaqacBase and MaqacEditor have been published.

This brings a bit of refactoring and cleanup and a new component PlayAnimation. This allows you to control a spatial’s AnimControl through scripting. Tutorial coming, example here:

You find the updated plugins in the update center.

Initial version released

An initial version of the plugin has been released for the jMonkeyEngine SDK:

Instructions can be found here:


Chat about it here: